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TK Logistik was founded in the fall of 2006 by leading personnel from another, long-lived, transportation company.

Together, we at  TK Logistik have more than 250 years of experience in the fields of warehousing, distribution logistics and transports in Sweden, as well as in all of the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe.

TK Logistik has offices in Gothenburg (main office), Malmo and Stockholm. In Malmo we conduct warehousing in house, while the remaining offices conduct warehousing through co-operation with reliable partners..

TK Logistik is an independent logistics partner, which means that we have the ability to make quick decisions that allows us to be flexible in our work and gives us an advantage in a continuously changing market.

Together with our outstanding carriers and partners, we offer our clients both flexible and tailor-made transport solutions of the highest quality at a reasonable price.

That’s why you choose us

In order for our clients to be successful in their businesses, an efficient and reliable transportation partner is required – that gives our clients a competitive advantage in their operations.

We know that our clients are satisfied with our services and trust us. Why?

  • personal service
  • flexibility
  • dedication
  • we deliver on our promises
  • punctuality
  • accessibility
  • price compatible to services rendered

"We deliver what you when, where you want it, at the right and at the right pric"

Our personnel is a very important component of our success. Their competency and dedication can be found in every aspect of our company. You will receive professional assistance immediately upon request, either by one of excellent co-workers or directly by one of the co-owners.




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Peter Källström
We welcome Peter Källström to TK Logistik. Peter starts 3/4 at our Malmö office as a traffic controller abroad.