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Tuesday, 03 January 2012 11:47

In September it was once again time for TK's annual conference for employees and co-workers.This year the conference was hosted by Gothenburg branch, with branch manager RogerEliasson leading the meetings and festivities. The trip went to Hällsnäs, a serene and beautiful village outside Gothenburg. Among other things all attendees underwent CPR training, followd by competithions and dinner.

1 Roger annonces the weekend's sckedule
2 Daniel listening...
3 Roger, CPR-training
4 Håkan,  CPR-training
5 Mats,  CPR-training
6 Louise, Kent o Sverker, we likes trucks...
7 Lillemor rocking
8 Team Mats, Roger, Irene o Finn
9 Guys (Uno,Magnus,Daniel) posing
10 Uno taking a break
11 Monika, ready for the evening festivities
12 Magnus,is call workrelated...
13 Everybody gathering before going home


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